RELATIONSHIP:  By decree of It’s name it’s term used to align any living being. The basic judgment s the real essence by which it is connected, its terminology is rooted deep into every thought process. It means that even if we are far away from our loved ones still we are alive in the thought process which is an aligned format. The heart beats and feels for each other The ecstasy of emotions is euphoric and the resonance is felt in every heart. It’s not important to prove your love or its magnitude for each other but it is felt deep inside the heart even though you skip a beat for each slash. Whether it is Friendship or Relationship all bonds are built on TRUST, without which you have nothing.

Whenever at times you Apologize to your partner.does not often mean that you are Wrong and the other person is Right but it means that you value your Relationship more than your EGO All Relationships go through Hell but real Relationships always gets through it

I want to be with you it is as Simple and as Complicated as that. Actually there is nothing termed as Perfect Relationship but even though it was there it could mean its not that you never get Angry, Upset or irritated with each other but it means How fast you both get back to Normal.

A gentleman would always Open Doors, Pull Out Chair, Would Carry Things – Not because She is Helpless, but because She is Worthy of Respect – that’s the essence of every Relationship. Cive respect rather than Demanding it. Hence a e Relationship is when someone Accepts your Past, Support your Present. and Encourages your Future.

As very well quoted “Fear leads ,t to Anger- Anger leads to Hate- Hate leads to Suffering” but always remember that’s not Relationship. In true Relationship its rever Suffering its always Buffering so have Patience until you’re back on Track of life.

So with the Right person you don’t have to work so hard to be Happy. It Just happens effortlessly

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