Human Behavior is the essence of Life. It consists of Desire, Emotion & Knowledge. Desire to Adapt to Situations- Emotion to Express Desire, Knowledge to Utilize the Desirous Emotion into a Positive Belhavior. All Humans have a tendency to go overboard in emotions. Therefore a balance has to be maintained between Desire and Emotion through Knowledge. To know a Human Mind is a complex situation. There are many situations in life that lead to high Stress Levels. The Estrogen which is exuded out of Emotional In balance often results in negative impact on human body thus leading to Erratic Human Behaviour.

There are Two ways to Influence Human Behaviour elther Manipulate it from Negative to Positive or linspire it from Bad to Cood. Your Self Image’ plays a vital role in human behavior. Change the het Image and you Change the self image and you can change the entire personality of the Human!

But behavior in a Human Being is sometimes a Defense Mechanism, a way of concealing Motives and Thought Process as the Language can be a way of Hiding your Thought and preventing effective Communication.

When we say l Love You doesn’t need to be expressed by words, it can also decipher Communication with Gestures. The Emotional Bond is more striking than the voice it extenuates.

You can Train any Animal into any Behavior on a cue if its a natural behavior to begin with. Racism, Sexism, Anarchism are al natural human behaviour. They can be triggered off any time under any unscrupulous cirumstances by even a child who is not emotionally strong.

If you Do RIGHT  …No One Remembers

But if you Do WRONG ….. No One Forgets

This is an inducted truth about Human Behavior

Always Remember Your beliefs dont’ make a Better Person but your behaviour does

So Behave Positive and cultivate Strong HUMAN BEHAVIOR

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