COMFORT ZONE’ Is basically a Sick zone for grounded people. You kill your aspirations and wishes while retaining your comfort zone. A Ship in a Harbor is Safe but that’s Not what Ships are Made for. Whenever you step out of your Comfort Zone you are stepping into your  Greatness

So its better still to find your “UN COMFORT ZONE” because Bridges Built on Planks often tend to wade away in rough weather. Even a Baby has to come out of its Mother’s womb after a certain period to Know and Grow his Identity.

Life always begins at the end of one’s Comfort Zone. Inaction always breeds, Doubt and Fear, Action breeds Confidence and Courage. To know about your Strengths its always better to do at least One thing every day that Scares You. Comfort Zones are Comfortable because they are Familiar and not because they are Healthy.

Comfort Zone is all about Mediocrity, Tiredness, Settling, Fear, Just survival While Outside Comfort Zone is Passion, Excitement, confidence, Fearlessness, Self Discovery fulfillment

Hence Taking Steps out of your Comfort Zone is pivotal for your Own  Evolution and Growth. You just cannot become a a Bigger and Better version of yourself unless you are willing to stretch beyond what you already know.

Too many of us are not Living our Dreams because we are all living our Fear. Humble enough to know that I am not Better than Anybody, and Wise enough to know that I am Different from the Rest of the World.

Therefore Learn How to handle Rejection, Work Hard and Function outside your Comfort Zone, Success will always Follow you. A;ways remember SUCCESS is nothing without U. And U is always found outside the realms of Comfort Zone else it is only “I” “ME” and “Myself” in my COMFORT ZONE.

It is Pleasure to take you out of your Comfort Zone and see you flourish beyond and Self perceived Ability

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